Meeting Rentals

Meeting Space

The Innohubator is home to more than private offices. Our client companies and partners can work out their ideas in three large rooms, four conference rooms, two phone rooms and shared lounge spaces. Additional event spaces are also available such as the atrium. Rooms are also available for rent to outside organizations. See what our rooms come with and what equipment we have available to check out.

Phone Rooms

Phone rooms are available for rent at $15 per hour. Phone rooms are great for leading virtual presentations, recording podcasts, or other activities where you need dedicated peace and quiet.

Conference Halls
  • Amphitheatre – Seats 2000 –  €180 per hour / €900per day
  • Concert hall – Seats 600 –  €90 per hour / €450 per day
Larger Rooms

We have three larger meeting rooms that can be configured to accommodate a variety of needs.

Moscow Room – Seats 120+

  • €25 per hour
  • €120 per day

Atrium Room – Seats 220+

  • €45 per hour
  • €225 per day

Act Room – Seats 200+

  • €45 per hour
  • €225 per day
Additional Event Spaces

Additional event spaces are available as follow:

3 Teaching rooms – seats 40

  • €8 per hour
  • €38 per day

Press center

TV studio